Waterkeepers Bahamas (WKB)

Job Title:  WKB Bahamas Mangrove Alliance Coordinator

About the Bahamas Mangrove Alliance

The Bahamas Mangrove Alliance (BMA) was co-founded by Waterkeepers Bahamas (WKB), Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT), and the Perry Institute for Marine Science (PIMS) to promote mangrove conservation and restoration in The Bahamas.  The BMA pursues these objectives by working to harmonize and scale mangrove science and restoration nationwide, and to advocate for mangrove conservation through education and strategic outreach key to audiences.  The BMA is a growing alliance of NGOs, community leaders, civil society, sustainably-minded businesses, and other local and national stakeholders.


About Waterkeepers Bahamas

​​Waterkeepers Bahamas (WKB) is a Bahamas-registered Non-Profit Organization focused on community-based initiatives to ensure the waters of the Bahamas are safe for swimming, fishing and drinking for future generations. It is an accredited member of the Waterkeeper® Alliance, the largest and fastest-growing global nonprofit focused on clean water.  WKB is leading grassroots community organising and strategic communications for the BMA and is hosting this position to execute the BMA’s secretariat function and increase overall alliance impact.


Position Summary

The WKB BMA Coordinator is a new position that will be the alliance’s first full-time staff member reporting to the WKB Executive Director (ED) while acting as the “executive secretariat” for all BMA members.  In the first year the WKB BMA Coordinator will focus on continuing to formalize and operationalize the BMA by creating systems and processes required for a successful multi-year campaign primarily focused on mangrove/ wetlands conservation in The Bahamas.  The coordinator will also assist and support the BMA membership and other national actors in scaling Bahamian mangrove restoration initiatives.  In partnership with the ED and in close coordination with key BMA members who are involved day-to-day, this position will lead WKB’s efforts to:

  • Recruit additional organisations, community leaders, and the Bahamian public.
  • Drive coalition logistics, planning, and budgeting.
  • Lead new resource development/ fundraising, and new partnership opportunities. 
  • Assist the ED in representing the BMA to Government and other external stakeholders.
  • Support coordination and collaboration on mangrove science and restoration efforts among BMA members and other groups. 
  • Identify, recruit, and support capacity-building efforts.

Candidate Requirements, Term, Applications

  • Candidates from diverse sectors who have communications and organizing acumen,  nonprofit management, project management, and public policy experience are encouraged to apply (science and conservation backgrounds welcomed but not required).
  • This position is based in Nassau or Freeport, The Bahamas and a work permit will not be sought.
  • Regular job-related commuting between New Providence and Grand Bahama Island will be required.
  • The position requires a 3-year contract. 
  • To apply, email a 1-paragraph expression of interest and a PDF Resume/CV to waterkeepers@bahamasexecutivesearch.com

Job Responsibilities

  • BMA Point of Contact & Executive Secretariat 
    • Conduct regular 1:1 calls with BMA members to collect and report feedback.
    • Respond to requests and questions from BMA members promptly. 
    • Organise and implement systems for regular BMA membership/ coalition calls including agenda creation, notes, and driving actions from meetings.
    • Schedule and organize program-related meetings and events.
    • Coordinate program communications, both internal and external.
    • Assist BMA partners in managing and tracking staff work assignments, schedules, and workloads.
    • Administer joint fundraising operations with an emphasis on deadline management and meeting reporting requirements.
    • Technology and Documentation:
      • Oversee the use of technology for program operations.
      • Create and maintain program records, reports, presentations, and proposals.
      • Track relevant program budgets and financial transactions.
  • BMA Membership:  Engagement, Communication, and Recruitment
    • Coordinate outreach to BMA members to improve engagement and participation in BMA activities and participation in pursuing alliance goals and objectives.
    • Execute all communications with the entire BMA through email and other platforms.
    • Scale and amplify BMA success stories through various media channels.
    • Track and report BMA participation and engagement metrics for different initiatives.
    • Track and execute BMA organisational recruitment including creation of detailed lists and work with partners to prioritize and invite new members.
  •  Program Planning and Coordination 
    • Support WKB Executive Director and BMA members with planning and coordination of program activities.
    • Monitor implementation of program policies and practices.
    • Ensure programs are on schedule, within budget, and functioning smoothly.
    • Support program growth and development.
  • Stakeholder Relations
    • Facilitate positive relations between the program team, stakeholders, and the public.
    • Manage interactions between staff, clients, administrators, and other program stakeholders.
    • Facilitate and write “first drafts” of strategic communications materials (e.g., letters, emails) for WKB ED and BMA members.
  • Communications & Marketing
    • Facilitate and write “first drafts” of all press releases, public communications, digital materials, public and school-facing educational materials.
    • Press & Traditional Media:  Proactively develop media and press opportunities and ideas to generate public awareness and grow the profile and influence of the BMA.
    • Social Media Management:  Develop and manage social/ digital media channels for the organization, such as Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp, and the website.
  • Logistics and Support 
    • Coordinate and execute BMA logistics, including member travel, lodging, invoicing, and expenses for events and related activities.
    • Aid in BMA conservation programming, including both internal and external events like webinars, trainings, and summits
    • Manage marketing and communications, including media relations and social media.


Desired Requirements & Qualifications

  • A minimum of 1-2 years experience in public relations, government, conservation or a related field with a demonstrated track record of positive relationship building and management.
  • Bachelor’s degree. 
  • Prior experience with high volume writing/ strategic communications, stakeholder relations, fundraising, and event planning strongly preferred.
  • High attention to detail with an emphasis on project management, correspondence, stakeholder relations, and logistics.  Ability to organize and prioritize work.
  • Excellent networking and communications skills (i.e., ability to present information concisely and effectively, both verbally and in writing).
  • Ability to prioritize and manage several milestones and projects efficiently
  • Fluency with MS Office Suite and Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, etc.) software
  • Experience working with a diverse team and promote and maintain exemplary coalition culture and external reputation. 
  • Ability to work independently and take executive action as delegated by Executive Director.
  • A self-starter, data and deadline driven, and ability to multi-task with solid organizational and time-management skills.

To apply, email a 1-paragraph expression of interest and resume to waterkeepers@bahamasexecutivesearch.com.