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Clean-Up Of Equinor Oil Spill Delayed By Covid-19 Pandemic

  THE oil spill clean-up at the Equinor South Riding Point facility in East Grand Bahama seems to have slowed down over the past several months, with some areas of the forest still covered with oil. It is believed the COVID-19 pandemic which forced the shutdown of the economy in late March could have been […]

Environmentalist calls BPC drilling plans ‘lunacy’

By: The Nassau Guardian, Paige McCartney Joseph Darville. As Bahamas Petroleum Company (BPC) moves ahead with its exploratory well drilling next month, an environmental activist yesterday called it “lunacy” that the government is allowing the drilling, particularly after one of the largest oils spills occurred in the country during Hurricane Dorian seven months ago. Save […]

Save The Bays, Waterkeepers: 7 Years of Urging, Calling Attention to Reality of Climate Change, Now Time to Act

By: znsbahamas Waterkeepers Bahamas Executive Director Rashema Ingraham shares climate change data with Grand Bahama educators as the NGO joins forces with Save The Bays to urge principals and teachers to include climate change and mitigation in their curriculum in the wake of Hurricane Dorian and the reality of global warming and rising seas. Leaders […]

Plastic Pollution is a Global Problem for Waterways

A new Waterkeeper Alliance project will unite plastic pollution measurement, categorization, and localized prevention strategies at an unprecedented global scale By Pete Nichols, Waterkeeper Alliance organizing director, and April Seymore, Port Phillip EcoCentre executive officer.  While valuable in a minority of uses, plastic over its lifespan from production to degrading can be water-greedy, contaminant-carrying, wildlife-entangling, and emissions-generating. […]

Rashema’s World | Rashema Ingraham, Bimini Coastal Waterkeeper

By: Guest Contributor Rashema Ingraham has always known one thing: that there is nothing more important to her than protecting and preserving her island world. “It was almost as though the universe was saying to me, ‘Now is the time.’” By Lauren Evans. Photos by ©Peyton Fulford, courtesy of Culture Trip. It’s high noon on […]

Sea level rise, explained

By: National Geographic As humans continue to pour greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, oceans have tempered the effect. The world’s seas have absorbed more than 90 percent of the heat from these gases, but it’s taking a toll on our oceans: 2018 set a new record for ocean heating. Many people think of global warming and climate change as synonyms, but […]

Save The Bays Applauds Revival of South Beach Pools, Urges National Learn to Swim Programs in face of rising seas, stronger storms

By: znsbahamas – December 2, 2019 Environmental advocacy groups Save The Bays and Waterkeepers Bahamas today applauded government’s “important forward stroke” restoring and reviving the vast swimming complex known as South Beach Pools, urging officials now to go a step further and commit resources to a national learn-to-swim program. “Restoring the wonderful South Beach Pools […]

Environmentalists Criticize Minister

By Paige McCartney, The Tribune Environmentalists took Minister of the Environment and Housing Romauld Ferreira to task yesterday for what they perceived as him making light of the oil spill in eastern Grand Bahama. Save the Bays Chairman Joe Darville said he was shocked and astounded, while reEarth President Sam Duncombe said she was astonished, […]

A Yuletide Cry For Mother Earth

A recent trip to Bimini, Cat Cay & Ocean Cay, by a team from Save The Bays, has us asking more questions of this Government than we can find answers to. Day and night, the all too familiar sound of pilings being continuously driven into the ocean bed can be heard echoing across Bimini as […]