Waterkeeper ® Alliance is a network of clean-water advocates on six continents who are fighting on the
front lines of the global water crisis.

Waterkeepers work primarily with grassroots organizations that hold a stake in their local water body.

These organizations are composed of concerned citizens who know that it is unfair for corporations and governments to abuse publicly-owned and used rivers, estuaries, bays, coasts and lakes.

They know that such pollution has dire consequences for the health of humans and the world’s ecosystems.

The goal of the Alliance is to bring solidarity, knowledge, training and legal tools to these organizations so that they can fight more effectively for environmental justice.

Legal Advocacy

We provide evidence of threats or mismanagement of our natural resources to the legal community, encouraging the passage of new laws to stop the depletion of our natural environment.

Science & Monitoring

We assemble teams of staff and volunteers to collect data while patrolling Bahamian lands and waters.  The data is monitored to detect changes in conditions and denote problem areas or threats.

Community Outreach

We offer adult and student educational programs that teach the necessary delicate balance and relationship of us to our unique Bahamian ecosystems, and how together we thrive and are protected by its bounty.